• Inventing the future

    Entrepreneurs For Sustainability

  • What we offer

    We turn ideas into companies, R&D into start-ups and help companies and organisations implementing market-oriented solutions, services​ and products with a strong focus on sustainability.

    Identifying new opportunities: 

    Ideas generation, opportunity assessment, market exploration and assessment, market validation, feasibility study, value proposition and business model definition, strategy elaboration

    Turning ideas into products and services:

    Pilot projects acquisition and realization, project management, lean development management, positioning, business development, gotomarket and sales strategy, marketing and communication strategy, fundraising

    Growing, industrializing and transforming:

    Project management, fundraising, business development, sales strategy and team set up, recruitment and team building, partnership, governance and structuration

  • How We Work

    We are highly involved in the day to day business, taking the lead on projects and sharing the risks of the adventure.

    Start with...

    defining a strategy

    We work together with the stakeholders to define the objectives, the positioning and the road map.


    the project in-house

    We take a role of CEO, sales director or project leader to implement the action plan that has been defined.

    Make the Team...


    We empower individuals and team so that they become autonomous. We implement a transition plan, where we keep a role, fading out progressively as the team takes over.


    successes and risks

    eqlosion applies a competitive daily rate complemented by a variable remuneration based on results, we share the risks and the benefits with our clients. 

  • Our Strengths

    Strong experienced leaders, highly connected


    Strong leaders

    Passionate entrepreneurs, we can lead the full process of the development of an idea into a sustainable business. We have strong competences in the overall management of the process, from sales to incorporation and team management.


    More than 30 years

    We have created and led companies in the field of sustainability, growing from no activity to more than 100 employees. We have a deep understanding of the market of sustainability and have been involved in the entrepreneurship ecosystem for years.


    Thousands of contacts

    We have a network of thousands of people in various fields, such as clients, investors, partners, academics, inventors, experts, public authorities, NGOs as well as international organisations. 

  • Who We Are

    We are a team of dedicated entrepreneurs, passionate about creating new companies and developing new activities, with a focus on sustainability.

    Laurent Cuénoud

    Laurent is a dedicated entrepreneur, passionate by entrepreneurship and innovation. Co-founder at Itecor and then CEO of Sofies, a company specialised in industrial ecology, Laurent has more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, including more than 8 years in the field of sustainability.

    Yves Loerincik

    Passionate by entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability, Yves is the co-founder and was the CEO of Quantis, one of the international leading firm in Life Cycle Assessment and environmental footprinting. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of sustainability and entrepreneurship.

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